Sunday, September 13, 2015

Drive Safely_Our Lives are in Your Hands

Everyone is back from summer vacations and our roads will be more crowded. If every driver practices these three simple things, our roads will be a pleasure to drive:
* Be patient - allowing extra time to get where you are headed will take the stress out of driving.
* Be courteous - when stuck in traffic, allow a waiting car to get out of their driveway or merge into traffic; allow time for the car in front of you to safely park or enter traffic from a parked space.
* Be alert - drive defensively and be on the lookout for school buses and children walking. When you stay alert you keep everyone safe: yourself, your passengers, pedestrians and other drivers.
And first and foremost, PLEASE keep you cell phones, PDA's and tablets in your purse or pocket while driving. It's a very simple rule: DO NOT TEXT WHILE DRIVING. EVER. From your fellow drivers on the road and pedestrians on the street, we say Thank You.

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