Tuesday, June 2, 2020

5 Simple Limousine Etiquettes

Limousines are easily among the list of highlights of any event. Whether it’s for prom, graduation, or a wedding, limousines promise a fantastic ride and an exciting time. With all the excitement in the air, people often forget to follow some important etiquettes. Although the rules are simple, following it will ensure an enjoyable experience for yourself and the chauffeur. Here are some of the important limousine etiquettes to follow

1. Be Kind & Respectful 

One of the fundamental rules when renting limousine service is maintaining a respectful attitude towards your chauffeur. It is the duty of the chauffeur to offer you the best services; however, they are people, and requires to be treated with respect. Therefore, you should not ask him/her to do anything illegal or interact unnecessarily. If you face difficulties with the driver, contact the limo service.

2. Be Careful with the Upholstery 

Every limousine service strives to keep the upholstery beautiful and sleek for customers to enjoy. Since the company puts in tremendous time and effort in maintaining the upholstery, you should be careful not to damage the interiors or leather.

3. Book in Advance 

Renting limos have become extremely popular in recent years. Nowadays, limousine services cater to countless passengers traveling several routes. If you need to hire a limousine for your special day, it’s best to book in advance. Contact the company and communicate your needs like the number of passengers, luggage requirements, extra stops, or any special request, if any. Informing the limousine service in advance will ensure a smooth journey.

4. Enter & Exit the Right Way 

Believe it or not, there’s a right way to enter and exit a limousine. When entering the limo, turn your back to the door and sit on the nearest curbside seat. When exiting, do the reverse by putting your legs out first.

5. Tip the Driver 

Around the world, tipping 20% is customary. Tip the driver for the excellent service he/she has provided. Of course, you don’t have to tip your chauffeur if the ride was bad. In such cases, informing the limo company would be the right thing to do.

Following these simple etiquettes will guarantee a great time for everyone. If you are searching for an excellent limousine service, contact Ahdab International Luxury Transport. We are the leading Limousine service provider in Dubai. Our luxury vehicles and trained chauffeurs will ensure you an unforgettable experience. 

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